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  • Level up your Jimny skills with our Level 1 Jimny Specific 4x4 Driver ...

    1,800 South African rand
  • Elevate Your Jimny DRIVE with Level 2 4x4 Training! Experience the Ne...

    1,800 South African rand
  • Join the ultimate 4x4 Drive class!


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About Jimny Drive

We’ll Get You There

Since 2009, Ryno have been your go-to for expert Jimny 4x4 Driver Training. As an Accredited 4x4 Instructor and Assessor, we're here to teach you how to handle your Jimny safely and responsibly. Learn the ins and outs of your Jimny's buttons and levers with confidence!

Jimny Drive

The Best 4X4 Jimny experience yet!!

Truly Top-Notch

Our Level 1 course covers on-road Jimny driving, 4x4 techniques, ensuring you're equipped for any adventure. Limited spots available, so book yours now! 


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