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Key Features:

  1. Has a 700KPA/100PSI Digital Gauge for convenient Monitoring. 
  2. Defaltes 2 tyres simultaneously and rapidly using our patented pressure release technology. 
  3. Inflates 2 Tyres simultaneously from your air source. 
  4. Balances Tyre Pressure between connected tyres. 

Tech Specs:


  1. The Indeflate Bodies are made from Aluminium and are Precision machined to ensure the hightst quality. 
  2. After machinin, the bodies go through a Military spec Hard Anodizing process which mke them highly durable and scratch resistant. 
  3. Two x 3m Air Hoses that are Highly flexible and ease to use; abrasion and ozone resitant and can withstand pressures of up to 2000kpa(300psi) and temperatures of -10'C to +60'C.
  4. Patented dump valve system allows for quick and easy inflatio, deflation and equalisation of two tyres. 
  5. Clip on chuck make it quick and easy to connect to tyre valves. 
  6. Strong and Durable carry bag makes convenient to store. 

IndeFlate Digital 2 Hose Unit IND08

R2 095,00Price
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