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Can Jimnys go fast?

Yes, they are surprisingly nimble and can reach highway speeds, however, a Jimny is not made for high speeds.


Is a Jimny a proper 4x4?

Absolutely! It comes equipped with a robust 4WD ALL Grip system for off-road adventures. It has 4WD Low gear selection via the part time selectable ALL Grip system.


Will a Jimny fall over?

No, the Jimny's compact size and excellent stability make it great for off-road terrain.


Do Jimnys have recovery points?

No. They have tie down points to tie it down on a truck transporting them to a dealer; one in the front and two in the rear. Jimny’s do not get stuck easily, but they might be delayed temporarily. For the more adventurous drivers there are aftermarket recovery points available.


Can I cross deep rivers?

No, not deep rivers. The Jimny’s wading depth is in the middle of the wheel, making safe river crossings feasible.


Is a Jimny too small for overlanding?

No, many adventurers enjoy overlanding in a Jimny due to its versatility and capability. You must remember the following: Less is More! Pack carefully, plan properly, only take what’s needed, and not the “What if I need it”.


Should I have a flat tire in my Jimny, can I jack it up anywhere underneath the car?

No. A Jimny is a 4x4, with a lot of articulation. There are specific safe jacking points on each of the four radial arms. By using these jacking points, you will jack only one specific wheel up.


Do I need a modified Jimny to do a Jimny 4x4 course?

No, Jimnys are extremely capable in stock standard format. Our Jimny DRIVE courses are tailored to enhance driver skills and confidence.


Can I drive a Jimny on a highway?

Yes, the Jimny is suitable for highway driving.


Can I tow my 4x4 trailer with a Jimny?

Yes, the Jimny has a towing capacity suitable for smaller trailers. Do NOT Exceed the following towing capacities: 500kg Unbraked. 1 300kg Braked.


Can I tow my Jimny behind my camper van / caravan?

No. Do not tow your vehicle with the rear wheels directly on the ground (and the transmission in neutral). If you do, the transmission will be damaged fatally. (As per Jimny Handbook, p 10-1)

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